Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green statement


Togo boxes - No Styrofoam here!  We use a box made from bamboo.  Bamboo is considered a great product because the bamboo grows quickly, makes a strong container and will break down without contaminating OUR environment. 

Soda cups -
No Styrofoam here either!  We use a Bio-cup made from plant fibers such as corn.  These cups and lids will completely compost in 90 days in a  landfill.

 Coffee cups - Our cups are made from recycled paper and printed with soy ink.

Office/menu's/printing - We print on 30% recycled content paper.

Power - We use a hot water heater timer.  It shuts off power to the heater from 10pm till 6:3o am daily. This results in less power to heat water when we are not open or using it.

Solar Roof vent -  Here we have installed a solar powered roof vent - it works hardest when the sun is pounding our roof with its amazing power-it helps ventilate the attic space which in turn puts less of a heat load on our AC thus lowering use of electricity.

Reflective roofing - Have painted parts of our roof with a white reflective coating. This helps reduce the heat load on the building, insulates and protects the roof.

Water - recaptured from our AC & refrigeration units is being used to feed some of the trees and for our mop water.

Recycling - we separate our glass, plastic & metal and bring it to a drop off point at the Rosemary Beach back by the maintenance building .  We can give you directions if you want to recycle while you are here 0r just bring it by and we will add it to our recyclables.

To go bags & Trash bags -   Our bags are made of corn cane fibers - again, these will break down in the landfill.

Our Suppliers for green-ware   

Trellis Earth - Trash bags, Knifes, Forks, Spoons, 4 oz cups

Eco-Products -  Sysco Food Service  - Soda cups, to go boxes, soda cup lids, napkins

Illy Cafe - Logo coffee cups, responsible production of coffee 

Office Depot - paper for menu's & the office

more to come as we continue to try and operate a responsible business with all of our futures in mind.  

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