Monday, March 30, 2009

Natural Geography of In-Shore Areas (NaGISA)

Long over due update....Thanks to the effort of many of our customers and participation in our fund-raising in the past (African Dinner). The NaGISA project at Niceville High School continues to travel around the world and train other high school students in the proper protocol's that must be followed in order to collect the data needed to create the world wide base line for Natural In-Shore Area's. Here is a link to the Northwest Daily News article with greater detail from this past January.

Today as I write this my daughter Cami is in Crete- giving a very important presentation for the implementation of the NaGISA project for Europe. We just got an e-mail from her teacher explaining as much. We are quite floored to say the least and excited and confident that she and her fellow students will present well and get the funding that is needed for this project to expand all over Europe!

Thank you to many of you for your support and friendship.


James & Miriam

North West Florida NaGisa Link
NaGISA World Wide Link

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