Saturday, June 28, 2008

Going Green....

It's a difficult proposition for many reasons - yet a no-brainier for the important reasons. At face value going green should mean caring for the environment around us. I also consider what we put into our bodies just as important. For this simple reason all of us should push our collective consumer buttons and buy these products. Thus letting supply side economics do what it does best... Provide what is wanted! This is happening all over the country, each week I read in the National Restaurant Association briefs some article about going green and the companies stepping up to the plate to provide. Much press has been put out about relatively confusing issues about corn and food products now being made into bio-fuels or products instead of food - thus putting additional strain on our world food supply. But it is only true to a point and the factoring up of all the bad stuff made by our Petro-chemical companies and all the "medical" treatments needed to overcome them now and in the future most likely will overshadow the food supply issue. America can make some food we have the space, knowledge and ability to do so. We are also the leader in producing green technology ... but are behind the curve on building it into our power grid. Going green is a individual life choice that right now is in demand. I hope that I and the Summer Kitchen will also meet up with this demand.

What we are doing now

- Compostable (breaks down at the dump in 90 days) cups, togo boxes, trash bags & Togo bags. Water heater timer-shuts down our water heater when we are closed - lowering our energy use.

Tap water- on request only .

Solar attic exhaust fan - lowers the heat presure on our AC system.

Recycling glass,tin & plastics.

Non-toxic cleaning supplies.

Using 35% recycled paper for menu's and all printing

Next Steps:

Solar hot water tanks

Waterless toilets/urinals

Green credits

& Remember to reduce-re-use -recycle

Organic - Meats & Vegetables

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